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Baguera® Cervical disc prosthesis

MRI compatible
The titanium plates reduce artifacts under the MRI and improve the postoperative control. The plates are coated with DIAMOLITH®.

Shock absorption
The shape of the inferior plate and the PE nucleus are designed to enable absorption of shocks and vibrations.

Guided Mobile nucleus
The guided mobile PE nucleus is designed to prevent excessive constraints on the facet joints. The mobility is controlled to respect rotation movements.

Primary stability
The porous titanium coating as well as the 3 upper and 3 lower fins are designed for primary and secondary stability.

Anatomical shape
The sloping anatomical shape of the implant is designed to adapt to the anatomy of cervical vertebrae.

Radiolucent holder
The radiolucent holder allows for both, verification of the implants anterior position and confirmation of the fitting accuracy.

Pre-assembled device
The device is pre-assembled to facilitate handling of the implant.

Compact set
The set includes 4 instruments and a lockable cervical distractor.

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