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ROMEO® Posterior Osteosynthesis

Streamlined tip
The screws’s conical tip is designed to allow an effortless and self-centering insertion of the screw

Polyaxial head
The screw head´s 50° polyaxiality is designed to tolerate alignment discrepancies. Monoaxial and spondylolisthesis screws are also available.

Low profile implants
The low profile of the ROMEO®2 implant head is designed to enable an atraumatic implantation and minimize anatomical interference.

Long construct
The ROMEO®2 is designed to allow long construct procedures with a large range of pedicle screws and autostable hooks.

Compact set
Specific and multi purpose intuitive instruments. Only one set, with optional long construct instruments.

Sterile implants
ROMEO® implants are delivered sterile

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